Latest Training Incentives for Industry

I’m sure you have been confused by all the media hype regarding Incentives for taking on a new Trainee or Apprentice – is it still worth the angst?

Here’s the latest information – you can be sure that this will not change anytime soon:

If you employ an a new worker (part-time – 15 hrs/wk) and let them do a Traineeship, you now get $1,500 when they finish.

If you employ them full-time, you get $2,500 when they finish.

(The new worker doesn’t have to be new to the Industry – can be just a new employee for you.)

 NOTE: This is different if you are employing a new or existing worker (full-time or part-time) as an apprentice cook, baker, pastrychef or butcher.  You now get $2,500 when they finish.

A school-based Trainee will get you $3,000 on completion of a Cert 3.