Liquor Licencing Changes affecting Clubs and Hotels

  • Gaming machines in Queensland will be able to accept bets of any full cent denominations up to and including $1.00.
  • Clubs and hotels putting forward gaming machine licence applications on behalf of a body corporate will no longer have to provide a range of incorporation documentation.
  • Club and hotel licensees will not be required to renew their gaming machine licences.
  • After a gaming machine licence has been granted or there is an increase in the number of gaming machines a licensee holds, the machines will no longer have to be installed by a set date. However, the appropriate number of authorities or entitlements will still be required before a licensee can operate additional machines.
  • Amendments clarify that jackpot funds currently paid into a trust account by Licensed Monitoring Operators (LMOs) cannot be accessed by creditors if administrators are appointed.
  • Clubs and hotels no longer have to seek the Commissioner’s approval to acquire or replace gaming machines.
  • Changes to club and hotel executives will only have to be reported to OLGR annually. Clubs will have to report on management changes when they lodge their financial returns, while hotels will lodge the information when they pay their liquor fees.