Great New Year Offer from AIBI

The new rules for reverting to the National RSA instead of the Queensland RSA may seem great at first glance.  No more tedious updating – the National RSA never needs to be updated.  Good – huh?

Not so fast!  It now becomes the responsibility of the business owner to keep the staff updated with the constant changes to Liquor Licensing regulations!  How will you do that?  OLGR is strangely silent on this topic, but rest assured those changes will keep coming.  The Liquor Act will continue to be enforced.

To kickstart 2014, and to assist those small businesses which have enough to do without the added hassle of keeping staff up to date, AIBI will offer a one-for-one update scheme.

Each time you enrol 3 new staff into RSA training with us, we will allow three of your old staff to attend the training for free. (No exams, no Certificate – just reinforcement.)  We will train in your own workplace at a time to suit you.  Cost is $80 per new staff member, and the time to do the training is half a day.