RSA Changes – Myths and Facts

There is a lot of misunderstanding out there relating to the new RSA rules.

We have heard some great stories lately:-  RMLV has been abandoned – RSA is not needed any more – you need to do your RSA one more time and THEN you have the National RSA – etc, etc.


RMLV will not be going away anytime soon!  There are no plans to also make it a National Course.

RSA is certainly still required.  The National Course is now the acceptable qualification rather than the Queensland course.

Your old RSA is acceptable if is the National Certificate.  That is, if it has the words “Statement of Attainment” at the top and the “Nationally Recognised Training”  LOGO at the bottom.

If you are still operating under the old Queensland Certificate, contact your provider and ask for your National Statement of Attainment.  It should be free, if your provider was qualified to offer National Training at the time.