More Red Tape reduction…

The Newman Government reforms will free Queensland’s restaurants, cafes and small community clubs of burdensome red tape.

“These types of licensed venues will no longer require an approved manager to be on site if they don’t operate past midnight. Licensed vessels will also no longer have this requirement.

“The Newman Government realises the best way to help small business in this state is to get back to a common sense approach to regulation and get out of their way.”

Mr Bleijie said other red tape reduction changes to benefit Queensland businesses are:

·           Remove requirement for persons trained in responsible management of licensed     venues to also complete RSA training

·           Allow payment of liquor licence fees by instalment in circumstances of severe financial hardship

·           Remove requirement for licensees to keep responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training registers

·           Allow gaming machines to be destroyed without the Commissioner’s written approval

·           Reduce the number of prescribed requirements for gaming machine licence application.

“Along with these changes, a total of 44 red tape reductions have been implemented since the Newman Government was elected,” Mr Bleijie said.