Subsidised training for existing workers and Bosses.

Although the Government has ceased to fund training for existing workers and Bosses, there are still some avenues left for cheaper (but not free) qualifications to be attained by R.P.L. (recognition of prior learning).

Candidates need a good history of employment across the industry, preferably lots of good references, and an ongoing love of Hospitality.  School leavers and new hires need not apply!

Employers supplying this training to reward their top workers benefit from:

  • Asurance that procedures are properly understood and followed in your absence.
  • Reduced personal work load – more time to focus ON the business, not just work IN it.
  • A beneficial relationship with your RTO, leading to further opportunities for business development.

Emloyees undergoing this training gain:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Job motivation
  • More respect from peers and bosses
  • More responsibility at work
  • More opportunities to learn new skills