Is anyone you know eligible for Training under the Certificate III Guarantee?

The Certificate III Guarantee aspires to get all Queenslanders without a Cert III level qualification, enrolled and studying – while the training subsidy lasts.

So this applies to School Leavers, existing workers,  or new hires – as long as they don’t already have a qualification at this level – qualifications obtained at school don’t count.

Their are a few more rules:

  • must be 15 years of age or older
  • must have left school
  • must be a Qld resident, or an Australia PR holder living in Qld.

Fees are in most cases less than a 10th of the usual cost of such a course.

Please note this is not a Traineeship.  RPL is available for existing workers.

Get it while it lasts!  Phone Anne on 0431 96 95 95 or email us for more information.