Training Register Confusion

OLGR’s latest Red Tape Reduction provision states that a Register of staff trained in RSA no longer needs to be kept – HOWEVER:

  • all licensees are required to keep current copies of current training course certificates or Statements of Attainment for staff
  • the copies must be made available at the premises for inspection by an OLGR compliance officer or a Queensland Police Service officer.

There are penalties for licensees who do not ensure all staff involved in the service or supply of liquor has a current RSA certificate or a VET Statement of Attainment.

The only saving is that once all employees have presented copies of their NATIONAL Certificate in RSA (which doesn’t expire) that’s the end of worry here.  RMLV’s have to be updated every 3 years, so you still have to keep a Training Register for those to ensure that they are current.