A Leader sets the goals. A Manager achieves them.

Take these tips to boost your leadership skills today:

Set goals:

Start by setting clear goals and timeframes for achieving them. Then create a crystal clear roadmap for your team so that every person in your team knows what has to be done and by when.

Be passionate:

You then need to be passionate about achieving your goals. It’s passion that will drive the project to success. If you are passionate, then your team will be as well.

Be focused:

If you want others to follow you, then you need to be incredibly focused on achieving your goals. You need to be the hardest worker and most highly driven person in the team, if you want to inspire others to follow you.

Identify values:

You need to think about the values you want to portray as a leader, and once you’ve identified them—you need to stick to them. Good values to have as a leader include openness, honesty, trust and integrity. Remember, your values define who you are as a person.

Strong values are critical to strong leadership.