OLGR Changes – the skinny in plain English

As we know, there have been lots of changes under the ‘Red Tape Reduction’ banner to the Qld Liquor Act recently.  Here they are in a nutshell:

1.      There is no need to force new staff into gaining an online RSA prior to joining you.  They have 30 days to get face-to-face training, which now includes work in Licensed Premises as part of the assessment process.

2.     You don’t need to keep a register of RSA training, as it does not expire any more (since it is now the National Certificate that is trained).  HOWEVER you do need to keep a copy of Staff Certificates in case OLGR wants to see them.

3.     You DO still need to do your RMLV Training every 3 years if you are the Licensee, or the  Approved Manager of a Licensee which is a Company.  The Approved Manager Licence still lasts for 5 years.

4.     You DO need to keep a Training Register if there is more than one Approved Manager on the premises, so you can see when the RMLV and the Licence have to be renewed.

5.     If you are a “low risk” Venue – basically if you don’t trade past 12 midnight, and you are  a cafe, restaurant, boat or small club with <2,000 members, then you don’t need to have the Approved Manager on the premises most of the time – just ‘reasonably available’ if trouble should arise.

6.     If you are a sole proprietor of one of the before mentioned low risk premises, you can go on holidays for up to 3 months without having to have your premises looked after by an approved manager.  Just appoint a trusted staff member with RSA to stand in for you.

7.     Unfortunately, if you are a MOTEL – you are not classified as ‘low risk’ – YET!  Watch this space – more changes are coming shortly.