Training benefits YOUR BUSINESS

Investing time and money in the training, skills and knowledge of your employees can greatly benefit your business through:

  • increased employee motivation
  • increased morale and staff retention (by offering training to your staff you can build a sense of worth and increase staff retention levels)
  • attracting more skilled employees (by being recognised as an employer who provides greater training opportunities)
  • customer satisfaction (customer service and best practice training can help you develop a consistent level of service and increase customer satisfaction)
  • competitive advantage (industry specific training can help you stay ahead of the competition)
  • increased productivity and innovation (additional skills can mean faster and often smarter ways of working)
  • always having a backup for key jobs by multi-skilling employees in various roles.

Currently the Government is offering you up to $4,000 to employ new Apprentices and Trainees.  These incentives are always changing – don’t miss out!