Anzac Day Trading Hours

24 April
Licensed premises are only permitted to trade   until midnight on Thursday (24 April) before ANZAC Day, even if they normally   stay open longer. While service from the bar must finish at midnight, patrons   will have until 12.30am to finish drinks and leave the premises. Gaming   machines are not permitted to operate after midnight.
25 April
Gaming   machines are not permitted to operate between midnight Thursday 24 April and   1pm on ANZAC Day, Friday 25 April.

On ANZAC   Day, with the exception of the circumstances below, licensees must not serve   alcohol before 1pm unless with a meal in an area normally set aside for   dining, in which case trading may begin at 10am. The sale of takeaway liquor   is not allowed before 1pm on ANZAC Day.

Licensed   RSL and Services clubs can trade from 5am as part of their ordinary trading   hours on ANZAC Day to recognise and support dawn services. No application is   required. However, gaming machines are not permitted before 1pm under any licence.

Two-up may   be played legally in a licensed RSL or services club on ANZAC Day. RSL and   services clubs do not need permission from any regulatory authority to play   two-up on ANZAC. Other licensed premises can also conduct two-up on their   premises as part of an official function for ANZAC Day, if it is approved in   writing by an RSL sub-branch.

All other   licence holders can apply for an Extended Hours Permit (XHP) to trade from   5am to 1pm on ANZAC Day but only if the licensee has entered into an agreement   with an RSL or Services Club to sell liquor on behalf of the club at the   club’s ANZAC Day event held on the licensee’s premises. In this instance,   there is no application fee for an XHP, and the need to serve meals is   removed if an agreement is in place. Evidence of the agreement must be lodged   with the application.

For more   information, please contact OLGR on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

26 April
 Normal   trading conditions.