Designated Outdoor Smoking Area (DOSA)

In accordance with the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998, premises that hold a Commercial Hotel or Community Club licence, or a casino that holds a Commercial Special Facility licence, may designate part of the licensed outdoor area a DOSA.

Licensees must remember that a DOSA is not a de facto beer garden.  There are strict rules and guidelines relating to the use of a DOSA, some of which include:

  • no food is permitted within the area. However, a drink is allowed to be taken in
  • no entertainment can be provided in the DOSA, including television screens, music speakers, bands and pool tables
  • gaming machines can not be located in this area.

Common issues relating to DOSAs include anti-social patron behaviour, such as patrons fighting, and excessive patron noise. To minimise these issues licensees can:

  • regularly monitor the DOSA to ensure loitering and overcrowding do not occur and that the area is clean and presentable such as glasses being cleared away promptly