RMLV/Approved Manager – confusion remains!

The RMLV training course certificate is valid for three (3) years. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure approved managers working at the premises have a copy of a current certificate issued by an OLGR Approved Trainer.

HOWEVER – the Approved Manager’s Licence remains in force for five (5) years.  Approved Managers will hold a photo identification card, which is issued after their application is successfully processed.

The Red Tape Reduction Team are considering changes to this schedule, but extending the time to retrain out to 5 years is unsatisfactory, considering the rate of change in the Industry.

On the other hand, reducing the Approved Manager’s Licence to 3 years would also be unpopular, given the costs involved.

Either way, if the course and the Licence coincide, it would amount to a large financial burden on the candidate with both costs coming together.  At least this way, the fees are spread a little thinner, and managers are kept up to date with the constant changes in the Industry.