Bullying alive and well in Restaurant-land

Unbelievable as it seems in this era of PC in everything we do – bullying can still occur even in the best of Hospitality venues.

Of course, it is a bit more subtle nowdays than in the past!  And staff – even new staff –  are more prone to report it, than was previously the case.

Reported or not, bullying can have serious legal and social repercussions for your business.

So what do you check for?  How do you know if it is taking place?

  1. Look for staff who repeatedly give orders in two’s and three’s – without prioritising.

[Example: Clear that table over there – pick up those meals from the kitchen – top up the  water on table 15.  Followed by (as the hapless trainee takes the meals from the kitchen) “didn’t I tell you to clear that table over there?”]

2.   Look for supervisors asking new staff to “pick up the widget and follow me”  when they know perfectly well that that person would have no idea what a widget is, or where to find it in the venue.

3.    Look for excessive attention to detail when trainees are learning a task.  Sure, the correct positioning of the glassware is important, but that doesn’t mean to the last millimeter!