Safe night out strategy

New initiatives are being rolled out to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland’s nightlife is safe for all.

The Safe Night Out Strategy ( ) is a comprehensive action plan based on extensive community consultation that will:

  • Change the culture—raise awareness of clear standards of behaviour for patrons, police and licensees, and educate young Queenslanders (grades 7-12) to promote responsible behaviour.
  • Change the law— increase policing powers, liquor licensing requirements and introduce penalties and compulsory counselling to make it clear bad behaviour won’t be tolerated.
  • Change the environment—provide safe and supportive places through Safe Night Precincts, ‘sober safe’ centres and more.

This comprehensive approach to deal with alcohol and drug-related violence recognises that everyone has a role to play, and is about patrons, venues, communities and the Government coming together to create a safe, vibrant culture for Queensland’s nightlife.