Australia Post Keypass Identity Card

The new Australia Post Keypass identity card can be accepted as evidence of age at licensed premises in accordance with Section 6(1)(a)(ii) (Acceptable evidence of age) of the Liquor Act 1992.

Australia Post recently acquired ownership and all rights to the former Victorian Keypass Card, which will now be phased out. The last Victorian Keypass cards, issued in November 2013 with an expiry date of 22 November 2023, can still be accepted as evidence of age.

The Australia Post Keypass identity card will be issued for a five year period after which it must be renewed if still required.

As with any acceptable evidence of age document, should your staff suspect the document has been fraudulently altered or produced, they should retain the document and forward it to the OLGR with a report about the circumstances.
For further details and how to apply for the Australia Post Keypass identity card, please go to