The Fair Work Commission gets tough

THE FAIR WORK COMMISSION  wants to see a management system in place to manage workplace issues. They need to see your consultative processes, and your risk management plan to cover possible workplace disruptions such as bullying claims and unfair dismissal claims.

Since January 2014, the Fair Work Commission has been authorised to issue an “order to stop bullying” – meaning repeated behaviour targeted towards a person resulting in their ill health
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has made its first order to stop bullying without releasing the details of the case, but revealing plenty in the behaviour now banned.

(The interaction between the worker who applied for the order, and the person who is the subject of the order, will be limited so there is no contact between them alone. Other restrictions on the person whose behaviour led to the complaint include only sending emails and texts in “emergency circumstances”, and there must be no comments about clothes or appearance.) The list of restrictions goes on…

Don’t risk the inevitable disruption to your business and the loss of staff morale, not to mention the impact of lost trade. Update your Risk Management Plan, and put in place consultative processes with some TEETH to stamp out unwanted behaviour in your workplace. Check out the FWC website for help: