Responsible Service of Alcohol Marshals

Another OLGR Best Practice initiative is the introduction of the RSA Marshal position in venues where large numbers of patrons must be managed.

RSA marshals have a unique responsibility to monitor patron behaviour and intoxication levels inside your venue, whilst allowing your bar staff to focus on customer service for your patrons.
The marshals do not replace the responsibility of bar staff to not supply liquor to unduly intoxicated patrons, but assist in the identification of anyone who should not be supplied or who is consuming liquor while unduly intoxicated.
They also do not replace crowd controllers or undertake any duties of a crowd controller, but are expected to maintain continual communication with crowd controllers throughout each trading period.

To perform this role effectively, an RSA marshal must not be involved in:
•serving or supplying liquor
•any gaming or wagering activities
•checking identification or conducting security duties including the physical removal of patrons
•controlling access or egress points or
•consuming alcohol

The role of the RSA marshal is to:
•provide visual support to bar staff
•monitor patron behaviour (noting any disorderly conduct) and consumption levels
•monitor risky consumption patterns
•ensure patrons have access to free water to consume in between or instead of alcoholic drinks
•monitor signs of intoxication and
•engage security, bar staff or management to deal with intoxicated patrons.