Solve Problems – Increase Business!

We all want to increase business – but are we willing to do what it takes?

Increasing business means solving customer problems.  What problems?  That’s for you to discover through fair means or foul!

Of course, you could just ASK them (?) However when they are eating lunch and you are frantically busy there doesn’t seem to be much time to do that.

The answer is to KNOW your customers and to LISTEN to them.  How? Social media, of course.

Gather customer comments jealously – both good and bad – because here is where you will find your jewels.

The next thing to do is to ACT upon those comments.  It is all too easy to dismiss a bad review as sour grapes or ‘the wrong type of customer’.  Are you willing to change to accommodate their problems?

You can be perfectly sure that if someone has taken the time to post a review, they are just the tip of the iceberg.  Good or bad, many others have the same opinion, but are too apathetic to write about it.

Act now – or pay later.