Be careful of classroom-based Cert III’s

We recently came across the sad stories of several candidates who had been duped into thinking that they could learn to work in Hospitality (in 3 weeks) by attending only classroom-based training!

This travesty is being perpetrated by interstate fly-by-night companies.  In doing so, they ensure that the student will never be employed, and will never be able to access another Government-funded Certificate III!

These companies prey on the most vulnerable and least well informed members of our society, and cause immensurable suffering in the Community.  In addition, they bring into disrepute the National Training Curriculum, and other legitimate Training Providers.

So if someone presents at your workplace with a dodgy Certificate III (check the Units they have covered on the back), please send them to us at the Mooloolaba Bowls Club, where they can volunteer to learn REAL industry skills.