Incidents on Licensed Premises

You can take action to prevent incidents occurring at your licensed premises by:

  • establishing a risk profile for your venue by undertaking periodical safety audits
  • implementing management practices and procedures to address identified safety risks
  • reviewing the risk assessed managed plan (RAMP) to ensure it includes adequate procedures that are followed
  • holding regular staff meetings to discuss past incidents, safety procedures and incident prevention
  • meeting regularly at your venue with your local police to discuss incidents and reporting standards. Police can help you in developing strategies for maintaining a safe environment, ensuring sufficient capture of information and preserving the evidence/crime scene.

If an incident has occurred

  • separate the participants
  • call QPS and/or QAS if damage to property or people has occurred
  • if an ambulance is not required, ensure the victim enters a taxi or other transport safely, and avoid further escalation of the incident by arranging for the victim and offender to leave the premises at different exit points and at different times.

Make sure you capture detailed information of the incident by:

  • asking people involved in the incident for their name, address and contact details and recording details of their appearance
  • recording accurate information at the time of an incident. Many licensees are required to maintain an incident register; this practice is also highly recommended for those who are not.
  • liaising with QPS and providing a detailed description of the incident and offenders to aid their investigation
  • using all available tools at your disposal to record the incident, including ID scanners and CCTV.