Safe Night Precincts explained

Under the Queensland Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy (SNOS), Safe Night Precincts (SNPs) have been established to ensure effective local management of key entertainment areas.

Safe Night Precincts will be managed by local boards operating as incorporated associations. Licensees within an SNP will be required to become a member of the local board. Once a local board is formed for an SNP, those licensees who are required to become a member of the local board will receive a written notice from the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming. A licensee will have 28 days to comply with this requirement

Local boards are tasked with minimising harm, and the potential for harm, from the abuse and misuse of alcohol and drugs, and related violence. They must also minimise alcohol and drug-related disturbances, and public disorder, in their area. However, they are not responsible for the actions of individual licensees or government agencies.

SNP local boards ensure the safety of the community and the precinct’s amenity through developing and implementing local harm minimisation initiatives within the SNP. They will also liaise with, and support, community organisations that provide rest and recovery services in the precinct for people who have consumed alcohol or drugs.