Changes to existing Licences will take effect from July 1st 2015

As you will no doubt be aware, several changes to the Liquor Act will come into effect from 1st July this year.

For Restaurants/Cafe’s:

Extended trading hours for restaurant and cafe licences will be limited to 1 am.                                                   

Existing restaurant and cafe licences that are currently approved to trade beyond this time will automatically be reduced to 1 am.

Licensees whose principal activity is the provision of meals or prepared food must demonstrate this on a daily basis. This means that the:

  • majority of patrons who attend the premises during a day will consume a meal
  • the majority of the premises will be set up for dining
  • the kitchen will be open for up to 1 hour prior to closing the premises and
  • there will be enough staff at the premises to prepare and serve meals as required.

Be sure you are ready to implement these changes by 1st July.  No, a plate of chips is not a meal.