Is cash leaking out through the cracks?

At a time when we are all being asked to do more with less, it makes sense to stop the small everyday cash leaks, which taken all together, can lead to a substantial drain on resources.

First up – CHEMICALS.  In our role as Food Safety Supervisor Trainers, we often find a vast store of partially used chemicals residing in various kitchens and sheds on licensed premises.  How are they being dispensed?  A chemical being sprayed around at 100 times the recommended strength is 100 times more expensive! Time to take stock – exactly what do you NEED to keep your premises safe?  It may be best to take the opinion of your foodservice rep with a pinch of salt on this one!  It is their job to sell you more stuff, after all.

Secondly – FIRST AID SUPPLIES.  Do you allow reps to just ‘top up’ your first aid supplies on a regular basis?  See above comment.  Take stock of your first aid supplies – too often we find a generic mix of patches and potions you will never use – or ones which are not applicable to your business!  Look at your risk management plan.  What accident is most likely to happen which will need first-aid supplies – both for your staff and for the customers?  Make sure your first aid kit covers these eventualities – and doesn’t require the opening of fiddly little packets in an emergency.

For more information on these and other cash leaks, enrol one of your staff in our Food Safety Supervisor Courses – running monthly at Mooloolaba.