Sale of undesirable liquor products

Any of the following criteria may be used to classify a product as ‘undesirable’:

  • The name of the product, design of packaging of the liquor product, or class of the product (the product) is likely to be attractive to minors or young people.
  • The product is likely to be confused with soft drink or confectionery.
  • The product, for any reason, is likely to have a special appeal to minors or young people.
  • It is otherwise in the public interest to declare the product to be an undesirable liquor product.

Currently, the following products are permanently banned from sale on licensed premises

    • Any liquor jelly product that is sold by a licensed premises for off-premises or takeaway consumption. Licensed premises that sell only takeaway alcohol are banned from stocking and selling liquor jelly products. However, licensed premises that sell alcohol for on-premises consumption are permitted to sell these products for consumption at their licensed venue, in-line with responsible service of alcohol standards.
    • Any liquor jelly product that is sold or supplied in a syringe or syringe-like packaging for on-premises or off-premises consumption.
    •  A product containing liquor in a flexible tube bearing a name that includes either or both of the words ‘go’ or ‘vodka’, whether in lower case, upper case or a combination of both. Note: ‘Flexible tube’ means a flexible metal, plastic or laminate container sealed permanently at one end and having a cap at the other end.