Beware of ‘Guideline 60’

It appears that OLGR is ramping up its interest in risk management for venues on the Coast.

Guideline 60 is about ensuring that plans are in place to manage the possibility of ‘rapid & excessive consumption’ within your venue.

It is easier with planned events, such as Weddings.  Simply ensure that the organizer agrees (in writing) that EVEN IF they have paid for a package deal on the alcohol, that RSA policies and procedures will still prevail.  That is, even if it is the Bride or Groom who is breaching RSA guidelines, they WILL be cut off.  Don’t be afraid that you will lose the business, as no one would risk their Liquor Licence to indulge a customer, whatever the occasion.

We know you are not planning to run a drinking competition anytime soon – but what about unplanned events?  Say, for example that you were the GM at a Golf Club.  One of the members has a win on Gold Lotto and wants to ‘buy all the members a drink’.  How do you ensure that the aforementioned ‘rapid & excessive consumption’ does not occur? That is, how do you police this event (even on-the-fly) to ensure that you do not breach the guidelines?

Food for thought.  Discuss it with your Managers, and formulate a workable plan without delay.