Changes to liquor legislation that HAVE commenced

The Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Amendment Legislation Act 2016 came into effect on 4th March 2016, and resulted in several changes to the Liquor Act 1992.

Whilst we “saw most of them coming” – such as the one which allows Community Clubs to sell takeaway liquor to any signed in visitors (provided they reside outside of Qld, or live at least 15km from the Club) as well as members, their guests and reciprocal club members – there were a few surprises.

For example:

  • The regulation-making power in relation to RAMPS is reinstated.  (Now might be a good time to revisit your RAMP, and make sure it reflects your current practices and procedures.  Any major changes should be submitted to OLGR for approval).
  • The Commissioner must notify an Approved Manager’s employer when the Approved Manager’s approval has been cancelled or suspended.
  • The results of a breath test analysis are admissible as evidence in prosecutions against a licensee (as supplementary evidence) where there is other evidence to suggest that the Licensee may have committed an offence.