Future changes to liquor legislation

Safe Night Precinct Boards have until 1st February 2017 to be officially prescribed as a “3am safe night precinct”.  If a safe night precinct has NOT been prescribed as a 3am safe night precinct by 1st Feb 2017, then all licensees within the precinct will have their trading hours automatically reduced to 2am.

Safe night precinct Boards will be notified about the application process to become officially prescribed as a “3am safe night precinct” in the near future.

Lockout will apply to all licensed premises in a safe night precinct from 1st Feb 2017, where the precinct is approved for 3am trading. This means that patrons cannot enter any licensed premises in a 3am safe night precinct between 1am and 3am.  This restriction applies even if the premises is only licensed until 2am.

Bottle Shops will not be able to apply for trading hours beyond 10pm.  Outlets currently approved to sell alcohol past 10pm will not be affected.