Ban on rapid intoxication drinks after 12 midnight

A statutory ban prohibits the sale or supply of rapid intoxication drinks between 12am midnight and 5am for venues authorised to trade past midnight. Under the Liquor Act, a rapid intoxication drink is one that is designed to be consumed rapidly or contains a high percentage of alcohol, and is prescribed by regulation.

The drinks to be banned have now been prescribed in the Liquor Regulation and the ban will take effect from 1 July 2016.

Prescribed rapid intoxication drinks

From 1 July 2016, the prescribed rapid intoxication drinks include:

  • a drink served in a small glass or container such as shooters, shots, bombs, test tubes, jelly shots, and other similar drinks
  • a drink prepared on the premises that contains more than 45ml of spirits or liqueur
  • a pre-mixed alcoholic drink containing more than 5% of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or containing more ethanol than 2 standard drinks. A pre-mixed drink must fall within both the 5% alcohol by volume threshold and the 2 standard drinks threshold in order to be served after midnight.

Cocktails are exempt from the ban on rapid intoxication drinks during the restricted period, provided the cocktail is listed on a document (cocktail menu) prepared by the licensee and displayed on the premises listing the cocktails that may be sold in the venue, and their normal prices.

Check out our website for a downloadable graphic which details the drinks which may and may not be served.