Victoria joins the fold!

As part of the Liquor and Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, the Victorian Government expects to close a loophole that allows minors to drink on licensed premises with parental permission.

A current provision in the state’s Liquor Act allows parents to purchase an alcoholic beverage for teenagers on licensed premises when it is to be consumed with a meal. A recommendation from the Australian Hotels Association Victoria (AHA Vic) will see the new bill remove the provision entirely.

“That provision has been around for some time, however as a general rule publicans in Victoria do not encourage anyone under age to consume [alcohol], notwithstanding that there is the provision within the Act. So we recommended that that provision be abolished, as it is a bit of a loophole, and our house policies in pub venues often stipulate that under no circumstances will minors be served liquor,” says AHA Vic CEO, Paddy O’Sullivan.

While hardly any adults try to purchase drinks for their children in pubs, O’Sullivan said removing the antiquated provision would clear up any uncertainty and reflect current attitudes towards alcohol consumption by minors.