New Penalty point rate as of 1st July 2018

The Unit penalty rate for offences under Queensland Law has increased to $130.55, due to the CPI increase applied at 30.06.2018.

Remember that the fines for offences calculated under the new rate apply if you are taken to court.

In most cases, such as  where the offence was the result of an oversight on the part of the Licensee, or was a first offence, or where the Licensee has fully cooperated with OLGR throughout an investigation,  an “on-the-spot fine” would be applied (10% of the official rate for the offence).

Please email us at if you would like a copy of the full list of on-the-spot fines for common offences which now applies.

The list is also posted on our website –, as well as on the OLGR website