EGM update

Did you know?
It is illegal to own a decommissioned gaming machine in Queensland. No, you can’t buy an old machine from eBay to place on the bar at home. In fact, under the Gaming Machine Act 1991, it is an offence (amongst other things) to sell or be in possession of a gaming machine, whether it be an old ‘one arm’ bandit poker machine or an electronic gaming machine.

If you are found contravening these particular provisions of the Gaming Machine Act, significant penalties may be imposed by a Court. The Gaming Machine Act requires that gaming machines must be disposed of by sale (to another licensed gaming site) or destroyed, within one month of:

  • a decrease in the approved number of gaming machines
  • cessation of gaming at an additional club premises, or
  • the surrender of a gaming machine licence.

A recent major industry development in Queensland is the introduction of the QCOM 3 protocol. Currently, all electronic gaming machines in clubs and hotels must be connected to an electronic monitoring system using the QCOM protocol. This protocol is the language that EGMs use to speak to one another. QCOM 3 is an upgrade of the current protocol (QCOM v1.6) and is designed to take advantage of the latest technology and security standards.

For more details on the benefits of QCOM 3 and upgrading to QCOM 3 at your venue, go to QCOM 3 for electronic gaming machines.