Two more Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs identified

Recently two more organisations Mongrel Mob and Satudarah have been declared as ‘identified organisations’ – outlaw motorcycle gangs.

It is illegal for a person to enter a licensed venue if they are wearing or carrying prohibited items – this will now include items related to Mongrel Mob and Satudarah.

Prohibited items, as defined in the Liquor Act 1992, include items of clothing or jewellery or an accessory that displays:

  • the name of an identified organisation
  • the club patch, insignia or logo of an identified organisation (i.e. ‘colours’)
  • any other image, symbol, abbreviation, acronym or other form of writing that indicates membership of, or an association with, an identified organisation, including:
    • the symbol ‘1%’
    • the symbol ‘1%er’
    • any other image, symbol, abbreviation, acronym or other form of writing prescribed under the Act.

A licensee or staff member can be fined up to $13,055.00 for knowingly allowing a person wearing or carrying prohibited items to enter or remain on the premises.

However, you don’t commit an offence if you have taken reasonable steps to refuse, exclude or remove a person wearing or carrying prohibited items, or if you reasonably believe it was not safe or practical to do so.

If licensees or staff feel their safety is compromised, contact Queensland Police Service immediately.

There are now 28 identified organisations. Some are better known than others, so licensees and approved managers are encouraged to update staff training to include these laws and how to identify these organisations.

For a full list, including logos, please visit Liquor licensees and organised crime.