New proof of age card – beware!

The Queensland Government has produced a new proof-of-age card to replace the Adult Proof of Age Card.

Named the ‘Photo Identification Card’, it will be available to people 15 years and over from 1 April 2019.

Beware of accepting these at your venue as staff can no longer assume that the holder is over 18, as was the case with the 18+ card.

This card is not an approved ID for entry to Licensed Premises.

It falls into the category of “accept at your own risk” – similar to the Marine Licence and various Tradie’s Licences.

As always, the only APPROVED ID’s are:

  • Australian or overseas Driver’s Licence or Permit (provided it has photo ID and the DOB is clear in English)
  • Australian (or overseas) Passport (provided the DOB is clear in English)
  • Australian Government-issued PROOF OF AGE CARD (Over 18 card)
  • Australia Post Keypass

An overseas driver’s licence may need to be accompanied by a NATTI certified translation if it is not in English