Hospitality – Home of stress!

Perhaps the worst Management stressor in a Hospitality setting is the sudden departure of a key staff member – for example a Chef – especially an Executive Chef.

If he/she has been in charge of recipe development, do your signature dishes leave also?

Of course it is a breach of fiduciary duty for this to occur, but who’s got time to argue this in court?

Stay ahead of the game by insisting on a Master Recipe File for each new Menu.

This should be in standard format – Name of dish; Ingredients (mls or gms); Number of serves; Method.

Check the Master Recipe File off against the new menu to make sure that all the dishes are included. Don’t forget the sauces.  Save it in a folder along with the Menu.

Now you have a resource that:

  • Provides you with insurance against the loss of your property when someone leaves
  • Allows you to move forward swiftly in the event of a staff shake-up, reducing your stress
  • Allows for an accurate COSTING of the menu – before, rather than after deployment

Want to know more about how to accurately cost out your menu (and ensure each dish is within your Gross Profit guidelines)?

We offer a one-day short course:  Design and Cost Menus – with hands-on food costing experience for your staff using your own menu.  Alternatively we can have our elves do all the work for you!  We can even keep your food costing up-to-date on a monthly basis if you don’t have the time.

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