Food Safety Supervisor Requirements

It goes without saying that every business which prepares food for sale to the public must have a Food Safety Supervisor.  Have you checked on the whereabouts and qualifications of your relevant staff recently?

A food safety supervisor should be located on the premises or should be able to be contacted by the local government or food handlers whenever food handling is being undertaken.

The Food Act 2006 always requires a food safety supervisor to be ‘reasonably available’ to be contacted by the local government and food handlers at the food business.

Defining ‘reasonably available’

There is no specific requirement to have one food safety supervisor for every store location, but one must be reasonably available for each store.

If the food safety supervisor is absent, such as on leave, there should be a documented mechanism to ensure directions about matters relating to food safety are available to persons who handle food. For example, written guidance for temperature control measures for deliveries and cold storage.

A food safety supervisor is not required to be available when the business is operating but no food handling is being undertaken. For example, a sporting club kitchen closes at 9pm but the club remains open until 11pm for entertainment. A food safety supervisor is not required for the period after 9pm.

Nominating a food safety supervisor

A food business licensee must notify the local government department that issues their licence of the name and contact details of their food safety supervisor.

For further information, contact your local council, or go to: Food safety training | Queensland Health