What are the most important job-skills for 2021?

Managing Director at Adecco Australia, Kelly Van Nelson, explains:

“The best line of defence you can have for your career is to ensure you’re constantly upskilling and moving away from the misconception that once you’ve completed your degree in your early 20’s, you’ve “arrived” at your destination.  With every new skill, you have the potential to reinvent your role, your career and yourself.”

“Soft skills are extremely favourable across all areas of work. Across industries, hiring managers are always looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work to deadlines,” Van Nelson asserts.

“Today’s workforce is everchanging and chances are the role you’re hired for will likely evolve over the coming months and years. Candidates who have a proven ability to upskill, reskill and stay agile will be seen favourably by hiring managers.

Van Nelson also points out that the need for adaptable team members is of the utmost importance in the wake of 2020. “Now more than ever during a global pandemic, candidates across all industries must show resilience. Resilient people can generally manage stress and conflict more effectively.”

A good book about Resilience (widely identified as the ability to adapt to change) is FINDING RESILIENCE by Brian Walker.  Published by CSIRO, the book is distributed by AMAZON and is able to be read on the KINDLE platform among others.