Face-to-face RMLV, Food Safety Supervisor and Food Costing Courses

While many courses are very well provided online these days, we’ve found that some give a better result in face-to-face mode.

For example our ‘Design and cost menus’ one-unit module gives you an accredited skill in just one day of moderately hard work (!)

Just like an RMLV Certificate, this training may be transferred across venues, and will prove to be a useful addition to your career skill set.  It will also stand the test of time.  Once mastered, you have it for life.

If you have horrible visions of spreadsheets and calculators, put your mind at rest.  There’s no need to do all the hard work by hand these days – free software is available to do the number crunching for you.

Enrolments are now open for RMLV and Design & Cost Menus.  

Contact our Office in Maroochydore (07) 5452 9836 or email for bookings.