New ‘Artisan Producer’ Liquor Licence

The Liquor Artisan Bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament last month, bringing with it a fantastic opportunity for the state’s boutique alcohol producers.

The Bill amends the Liquor Act 1992 to include a new licence type, commercial other – artisan producer licence.

While the new law is not expected to commence until 3rd May 2021, OLGR is accepting applications for artisan producer licences now.

Benefits of the new artisan producer licence include:

  • no limit to how much of their own product can be sold on their premises;
  • an option to showcase and sell samples of their wares at promotional events such as farmer’s markets, food festivals and agricultural shows;
  • the ability to sell their product as takeaway, including online; and
  • an authorisation to apply for a permit to sell their products at a public event, such as a music festival.

They will also be able to sell, for consumption at their own venue, Queensland wine and the products of other Queensland artisan producers.

If you already have a Producer/Wholesaler Licence, OLGR is offering a free conversion to the new licence before June 30th 2021.

You can read more information about the new artisan producer licence, including details on the benefits and restrictions, before starting your application.