Managing conflict in the workplace

This is one of the most important aspects of effective leadership, and something your management team will learn a lot about when they enrol in one of our conflict management courses on the Sunshine Coast.

When conflict arises in the workplace, it falls on team leaders to mediate and come up with a solution.

Leaders can’t arbitrarily prescribe an outcome – the team needs to feel respected, appreciated and heard.

At the same time, they still need to understand that there are codes of conduct and work expectations that need to be met.

It’s a tough balance to strike – one that we can help you find.

Our management courses teach the personal skills needed to resolve workplace conflicts such as:

  • Internal team conflict
  • Conflict with clients and stakeholders
  • Communication breakdown
  • Leadership conflict
  • Workplace procedure conflict

In addition to personal skills, we also teach techniques, frameworks and processes that can be implemented in your workplace to deal with these problems.

Our conflict management course takes just one day (including plenty of real-life practice) and costs just $180.

(This course is a stand-alone module from our Government-funded Certificate IV in Hospitality). Contact Anne (0431 969 595) for the full story or enrol your team here.