New ‘Artisan Producer’ Liquor Licence

The Liquor Artisan Bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament last month, bringing with it a fantastic opportunity for the state’s boutique alcohol producers. The Bill amends the Liquor Act 1992 to include a new licence type, commercial other – artisan producer licence. While the new law is not expected to commence until 3rd May 2021, OLGR is … Read more New ‘Artisan Producer’ Liquor Licence

A new focus for Gaming Audits

OLGR has rolled out changes to its gaming machine audit and inspection program. These changes bring a greater focus on discussing harm minimisation strategies implemented by licensees. The strategies should ensure that gambling harm minimisation measures at the venue are focused on early intervention and prevention with clear avenues for help available. Increased focus on … Read more A new focus for Gaming Audits

Latest amendments to Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy

These amendments to the Liquor Act 1992, Gaming Machine Act 1991 and Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 were the second phase of the government’s legislative response to the final evaluation report of the Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy. Some of the amendments to this Policy which came into effect on 7th April are as follows: Staff and Contractors who control … Read more Latest amendments to Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy

Remote gambling self-exclusions

Self-exclusion is a practical tool that can assist individuals to minimise their potential for gambling-related harm. This process allows individuals to self-exclude from one or more venues through a Gambling Help Service (GHS) without physically attending the venues. Should one of your patrons use this new tool, a GHS will contact your venue to identify … Read more Remote gambling self-exclusions

Sydney’s lockout laws almost entirely reversed as of 14/01/2020

Venues in the city will be able to increase their trading hours with 1.30am last entry removed for all venues in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct. Restrictions on cocktails, shots and drinks in glasses after midnight are also easing:  ‘last drinks’ rules have been extended by 30 minutes to 3.30am for venues in the CBD … Read more Sydney’s lockout laws almost entirely reversed as of 14/01/2020

Two-up on Anzac Day

On February 2012, an amendment to the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 commenced as a result of the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming (Two-up) Amendment Act 2012. This amendment allows for two-up to be played legally in a licensed RSL or Services club on Anzac Day, or another day that is significant to the remembrance … Read more Two-up on Anzac Day

New proof of age card – beware!

The Queensland Government has produced a new proof-of-age card to replace the Adult Proof of Age Card. Named the ‘Photo Identification Card’, it will be available to people 15 years and over from 1 April 2019. Beware of accepting these at your venue as staff can no longer assume that the holder is over 18, … Read more New proof of age card – beware!

Easter Trading

The Law states that on Good Friday (April 19), you can sell or supply alcohol from 10am to midnight only in conjunction with a meal (in a part of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining if the meal is prepared, served and intended to be eaten on the premises) and patrons can purchase alcohol … Read more Easter Trading

Two more Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs identified

Recently two more organisations Mongrel Mob and Satudarah have been declared as ‘identified organisations’ – outlaw motorcycle gangs. It is illegal for a person to enter a licensed venue if they are wearing or carrying prohibited items – this will now include items related to Mongrel Mob and Satudarah. Prohibited items, as defined in the Liquor Act 1992, include items of clothing … Read more Two more Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs identified