Hospitality – Home of stress!

Perhaps the worst Management stressor in a Hospitality setting is the sudden departure of a key staff member – for example a Chef – especially an Executive Chef. If he/she has been in charge of recipe development, do your signature dishes leave also? Of course it is a breach of fiduciary duty for this to … Read more Hospitality – Home of stress!

Correct temperature for storage and service of red wines

Australians have spent a lifetime keeping their white wine chilled in the fridge and red wine in the cupboard or on the wine rack at room temperature, and it is no different for many of our casual restaurants and cafes across the nation. Eight out of 10 Australians drink their red wine ‘at room temperature.’ … Read more Correct temperature for storage and service of red wines

New ‘Responsible Service’ Videos from OLGR

In case you haven’t noticed, OLGR has published two new Training Videos. These are heaps better than the old videos we have been stuck with since 1999, and very good for training new entrants to the Industry.  They will appear a bit laboured for the old hands – who shouldn’t need them anyway! The first video … Read more New ‘Responsible Service’ Videos from OLGR

‘Gluten Free’ food preparation accreditation program proposed

It’s no secret that the demand for gluten-free menu items is larger today than it has ever been. Coeliac Australia estimates that one million Australians are currently following a gluten-free diet, and smart foodservice operators and restaurateurs have risen to the challenge by developing dishes that far exceed the stock standard steak and salad offering. … Read more ‘Gluten Free’ food preparation accreditation program proposed

3-D RMLV – Watch the Video

Next time you need to renew your RMLV training – why not try our online 3-D webinar? There are many advantages to doing this fully-compliant course online, including: Take the course over several days – in smaller bites Study from home – no need to travel Discounts for AIBI Clients Check out our VIDEO to … Read more 3-D RMLV – Watch the Video

RSA – 3D Webinar Training

Are you looking for a more effective solution to the current RSA online training debacle? Are you confident of your staff’s ability to resolve common RSA-related issues? Would you leave your business in the hands of a person who only has an ‘online training’ RSA certificate? Do you even know for sure that the person … Read more RSA – 3D Webinar Training

Is dropped food safe to eat?

In commercial situations, of course the answer to this question should be a resounding NO!  But what does the latest research say about the topic? Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey has recently published the results of research into this question. They dropped watermelon, bread (buttered and unbuttered) and gummy sweets from a height of 11cms onto … Read more Is dropped food safe to eat?

Do I need to renew my RMLV training?

There has been a huge amount of misinformation and confusion surrounding this question in the popular press, largely due to the ‘Red Tape Reduction’ initiative which applies to cafes and small clubs.  Here are the facts: YES – you DO have to have a current RMLV Certificate if you are one of the following: An … Read more Do I need to renew my RMLV training?

Ongoing RSA Training

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) launched an investigation after the Queensland Police Service (QPS) were called to the premises on 12 January 2015, following a complaint that people were heavily intoxicated outside the venue. The subsequent investigation found the bartender had continued to serve  2 patrons while they showed signs of being unduly intoxicated. … Read more Ongoing RSA Training

Is cash leaking out through the cracks?

At a time when we are all being asked to do more with less, it makes sense to stop the small everyday cash leaks, which taken all together, can lead to a substantial drain on resources. First up – CHEMICALS.  In our role as Food Safety Supervisor Trainers, we often find a vast store of … Read more Is cash leaking out through the cracks?