Managing conflict in the workplace

This is one of the most important aspects of effective leadership, and something your management team will learn a lot about when they enrol in one of our conflict management courses on the Sunshine Coast. When conflict arises in the workplace, it falls on team leaders to mediate and come up with a solution. Leaders … Read more Managing conflict in the workplace

Opening up. What to do if a COVID-positive patron visits your premises

Clear communication of plans is difficult at the best of times for leaders. Having to do so in times of uncertainty, when the information on which those plans rely is constantly shifting, is even more so. Today, leaders are having to create trust and communicate their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic amid rapidly changing information … Read more Opening up. What to do if a COVID-positive patron visits your premises

What are the most important job-skills for 2021?

Managing Director at Adecco Australia, Kelly Van Nelson, explains: “The best line of defence you can have for your career is to ensure you’re constantly upskilling and moving away from the misconception that once you’ve completed your degree in your early 20’s, you’ve “arrived” at your destination.  With every new skill, you have the potential … Read more What are the most important job-skills for 2021?

Hospitality – Home of stress!

Perhaps the worst Management stressor in a Hospitality setting is the sudden departure of a key staff member – for example a Chef – especially an Executive Chef. If he/she has been in charge of recipe development, do your signature dishes leave also? Of course it is a breach of fiduciary duty for this to … Read more Hospitality – Home of stress!

Tackling workplace violence

It can happen anywhere This checklist aims to help employers develop their own violence prevention policies and procedures, and help employees better understand the strategies and initiatives they can use to protect themselves. Research suggests that an effective violence prevention policy is multi-faceted and incorporates a range of strategies after considering individual, organisational and situational … Read more Tackling workplace violence

Two-up on Anzac Day

On February 2012, an amendment to the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 commenced as a result of the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming (Two-up) Amendment Act 2012. This amendment allows for two-up to be played legally in a licensed RSL or Services club on Anzac Day, or another day that is significant to the remembrance … Read more Two-up on Anzac Day

Ignore at your own risk!

Research by Safe Work Australia indicates that victims of harassment experience higher levels of emotional exhaustion, psychological distress and depression. They also incur lower levels of job satisfaction and work engagement and a greater desire to leave. Yet unfortunately, barely a day goes by without the media reporting about an alleged incident. While the prevalence … Read more Ignore at your own risk!