Face-to-face RMLV, Food Safety Supervisor and Food Costing Courses

While many courses are very well provided online these days, we’ve found that some give a better result in face-to-face mode. For example our ‘Design and cost menus’ one-unit module gives you an accredited skill in just one day of moderately hard work (!) Just like an RMLV Certificate, this training may be transferred across … Read more Face-to-face RMLV, Food Safety Supervisor and Food Costing Courses

A new focus for Gaming Audits

OLGR has rolled out changes to its gaming machine audit and inspection program. These changes bring a greater focus on discussing harm minimisation strategies implemented by licensees. The strategies should ensure that gambling harm minimisation measures at the venue are focused on early intervention and prevention with clear avenues for help available. Increased focus on … Read more A new focus for Gaming Audits

Latest amendments to Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy

These amendments to the Liquor Act 1992, Gaming Machine Act 1991 and Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 were the second phase of the government’s legislative response to the final evaluation report of the Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy. Some of the amendments to this Policy which came into effect on 7th April are as follows: Staff and Contractors who control … Read more Latest amendments to Tackling Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy

Face-to-face RMLV Training. Rare opportunity!

With education largely going online these days – thanks to you-know-what – we rarely see face-to-face courses being offered any more. However, due to popular demand, we are running a one-off RMLV Course in Coolum on Wednesday 24th March (8.30am – 6.30pm). M/T, Lunch, A/T  – Workbooks – Assessment – all provided. This course is … Read more Face-to-face RMLV Training. Rare opportunity!

What are the most important job-skills for 2021?

Managing Director at Adecco Australia, Kelly Van Nelson, explains: “The best line of defence you can have for your career is to ensure you’re constantly upskilling and moving away from the misconception that once you’ve completed your degree in your early 20’s, you’ve “arrived” at your destination.  With every new skill, you have the potential … Read more What are the most important job-skills for 2021?

Remote gambling self-exclusions

Self-exclusion is a practical tool that can assist individuals to minimise their potential for gambling-related harm. This process allows individuals to self-exclude from one or more venues through a Gambling Help Service (GHS) without physically attending the venues. Should one of your patrons use this new tool, a GHS will contact your venue to identify … Read more Remote gambling self-exclusions

Food Safety Supervisor Requirements

It goes without saying that every business which prepares food for sale to the public must have a Food Safety Supervisor.  Have you checked on the whereabouts and qualifications of your relevant staff recently? A food safety supervisor should be located on the premises or should be able to be contacted by the local government … Read more Food Safety Supervisor Requirements

Approved Manager applications to OLGR

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation is changing its online Individual Licensing applications landing page. To apply to become an Approved Manager,  now go to: https://portal.lgft.justice.qld.gov.au/ Note that to complete the application, candidates no longer have to supply a copy of their RSA Certificate, or  personal photographs.  Of course, a full 100 points of … Read more Approved Manager applications to OLGR

Hospitality – Home of stress!

Perhaps the worst Management stressor in a Hospitality setting is the sudden departure of a key staff member – for example a Chef – especially an Executive Chef. If he/she has been in charge of recipe development, do your signature dishes leave also? Of course it is a breach of fiduciary duty for this to … Read more Hospitality – Home of stress!

Minimising cyber risks

Cyber security breaches are a rising threat to the everyday functions of small businesses. Australia’s national Notifiable Data Breaches scheme found over half of the 245 breaches in the three months to June 2019 were deliberately crafted to exploit known vulnerabilities for financial or other gain. Before it is too late, there are easy-to-implement strategies … Read more Minimising cyber risks