If you wish to work as a Manager in a Pub, Club or high-end Restaurant in Queensland, you will need a Queensland ‘Responsible Management of Licensed Venues’ Certificate.

For a person without years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, this Certificate is best obtained via a two-day face-to-face course. For experienced professionals, a one-day (10 hour) course is also available.

The Australian International Business Institute runs these courses about twice each month at our Training Venue in Coolum Beach, on the fabulous Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

If you live in any other part of Australia, you can still obtain your qualification via our popular HD Video Conferencing platform. This course also takes one day, and can be run on demand, provided the minimum number of participants for the course is met.

There is no fancy technology to buy, download or understand before you can do this course online. All you need is a stable Internet connection, and a reasonably quiet environment.

We also offer a free live demonstration BEFORE you sign up and pay, so you know that it is suitable for your circumstances.

Contact us via the “Ask a Trainer” page on this website to book your free, no-obligation demonstration – or simply make a booking via the calendar on the Home page.

If you wish to talk to a live human, phone Anne on 0431 969 595, or leave a call-back request with Jemma or Carrie in the Office on (07) 5430 6639.