New ‘Artisan Producer’ Liquor Licence

The Liquor Artisan Bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament last month, bringing with it a fantastic opportunity for the state’s boutique alcohol producers. The Bill amends the Liquor Act 1992 to include a new licence type, commercial other – artisan producer licence. While the new law is not expected to commence until 3rd May 2021, OLGR is … Read more New ‘Artisan Producer’ Liquor Licence

Remote gambling self-exclusions

Self-exclusion is a practical tool that can assist individuals to minimise their potential for gambling-related harm. This process allows individuals to self-exclude from one or more venues through a Gambling Help Service (GHS) without physically attending the venues. Should one of your patrons use this new tool, a GHS will contact your venue to identify … Read more Remote gambling self-exclusions

Powdered alcohol banned in Queensland

From 3 August 2018, liquor in powdered or crystal form is declared an undesirable liquor product and is permanently banned in Queensland. This means it is illegal to sell or supply liquor in powdered or crystal form, including the powdered alcohol known as Palcohol, as well as powdered alcohol contained in a capsule or in … Read more Powdered alcohol banned in Queensland

Recent prosecutions

Selling alcohol without a licence In Maroochydore Magistrates Court in May – two licensees were penalised and convicted for selling liquor without a licence and supplying/allowing the consumption of liquor at an unauthorised time. The Magistrate said that licensees have a public policy obligation to comply with the conditions on their licences and therefore a … Read more Recent prosecutions

Signage that licensed venues must display by law

OLGR would like to remind Licensees that under the Liquor Act 1992, they must display the following mandatory signs on a conspicuous part of the premises: Liquor licence/permit details Also read Liquor guideline 14: Particulars to be displayed on licensed premises. View RAMP sign This sign advises patrons of their right to see the venue’s risk-assessed management … Read more Signage that licensed venues must display by law

New Penalty point rate as of 1st July 2018

The Unit penalty rate for offences under Queensland Law has increased to $130.55, due to the CPI increase applied at 30.06.2018. Remember that the fines for offences calculated under the new rate apply if you are taken to court. In most cases, such as  where the offence was the result of an oversight on the … Read more New Penalty point rate as of 1st July 2018

New ‘Responsible Service’ Videos from OLGR

In case you haven’t noticed, OLGR has published two new Training Videos. These are heaps better than the old videos we have been stuck with since 1999, and very good for training new entrants to the Industry.  They will appear a bit laboured for the old hands – who shouldn’t need them anyway! The first video … Read more New ‘Responsible Service’ Videos from OLGR

New rules pertaining to sale of liquor in Car Parks

OLGR advises, that as a result of recent changes to the Liquor Act 1992, from 1 September 2016, any approval you had to sell, supply or allow liquor to be consumed in a car park is no longer valid. This approval may have been provided by the Commissioner in relation to an area forming part … Read more New rules pertaining to sale of liquor in Car Parks