Support Responsible Gambling Awareness Week at your venue

How does your gambling stack up? This is the question OLGR is posing to Queensland gamblers during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) 2018, which is being held from 30 July to 5 August. Every year RGAW aims to encourage gamblers to stay within their limits and highlights support available to people who feel that gambling … Read more Support Responsible Gambling Awareness Week at your venue

Ban on rapid intoxication drinks after 12 midnight

A statutory ban prohibits the sale or supply of rapid intoxication drinks between 12am midnight and 5am for venues authorised to trade past midnight. Under the Liquor Act, a rapid intoxication drink is one that is designed to be consumed rapidly or contains a high percentage of alcohol, and is prescribed by regulation. The drinks … Read more Ban on rapid intoxication drinks after 12 midnight

Good news for Craft Brewers

The Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill will allow for the sale and sampling of craft beer at promotional events. On a date yet to be determined, small craft beer producers that hold a producer/wholesaler liquor licence in Qld (or equivalent liquor licence in another State) will be allowed to sell craft beer at promotional … Read more Good news for Craft Brewers

Sale of undesirable liquor products

Any of the following criteria may be used to classify a product as ‘undesirable’: The name of the product, design of packaging of the liquor product, or class of the product (the product) is likely to be attractive to minors or young people. The product is likely to be confused with soft drink or confectionery. … Read more Sale of undesirable liquor products

‘Allowable’ Promotions within your premises

Promotions with prizes of alcohol You may host reward promotions that do not encourage excessive consumption of alcohol, or promote intoxication. These include: raffles where the prize is free liquor ‘buy one get one free’ promotions. Low-risk promotions are also allowed, such as: ‘beer of the month’ brand switching to encourage trialing a new product … Read more ‘Allowable’ Promotions within your premises

Happy Hour

A ‘happy hour’ is any activity traditionally known as a happy hour, whether or not the activity is actually advertised as or called this. For example, a ‘publican’s shout’ or ‘afternoon special’ is regarded as a happy hour. It includes any temporary, time-limited discount on a trading day for the relevant part of the premises … Read more Happy Hour

Alcohol advertising and Promotions

As a licensee or permit-holder, you have an obligation to ensure alcohol is supplied and promoted in ways that minimise harm and preserve peace and good order around your premises. You must maintain a safe environment for patrons and staff at your venue, and promote the responsible use of alcohol in your premises. As a licensee … Read more Alcohol advertising and Promotions