HD Video Training for RMLV – FAQ’s

Finally,  a cost-effective, compliant and user-friendly way to renew your RMLV HD Video Training is the closest thing to real-life training yet developed Interact one-on-one with your trainer and your fellow participants Complete quizzes and interactive exercises on the fly Nothing to ‘take home and do later’ Nothing to download and install Complete all the … Read more HD Video Training for RMLV – FAQ’s

3-D RMLV – Watch the Video

Next time you need to renew your RMLV training – why not try our online 3-D webinar? There are many advantages to doing this fully-compliant course online, including: Take the course over several days – in smaller bites Study from home – no need to travel Discounts for AIBI Clients Check out our VIDEO to … Read more 3-D RMLV – Watch the Video


Who needs to be RSA trained? The following people must complete RSA training within 30 days of starting employment: the licensee (if an individual) any member of staff of a licensed premises who is involved in the service or supply of liquor at the premises. This means approved managers, bartenders, glass collectors, floor staff, room … Read more RSA CERTIFICATES – AGAIN!

Red Tape Reduction for low risk venues

Are you a LOW RISK venue? You can answer ‘yes’ to this if you DON’T OPEN AFTER MIDNIGHT and are one of the following: A licensed café A licensed restaurant A community club with fewer than 2,000 members A  small licensed vessel or water craft If so, you are no longer required to have an … Read more Red Tape Reduction for low risk venues

NEW! Fast-track RMLV now offered to our Clients

We have a big time-saver to offer our busy Clients who struggle to find time for  two-day courses. From October this year, we can offer pre and post course work to be completed at home with email support – which results in only ONE (long, intensive) training day being necessary instead of the previously mandated … Read more NEW! Fast-track RMLV now offered to our Clients

Change to RMLV delivery requirements

After years of insistance that the RMLV course must be delivered over two days, OLGR has this week revised this requirement – now allowing the Course to be delivered over a shorter period – although the requirement for 10 contact hours remains! This will be great news for time-strapped Restaurateurs, and there may be several … Read more Change to RMLV delivery requirements

RMLV/Approved Manager – confusion remains!

The RMLV training course certificate is valid for three (3) years. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure approved managers working at the premises have a copy of a current certificate issued by an OLGR Approved Trainer. HOWEVER – the Approved Manager’s Licence remains in force for five (5) years.  Approved Managers will hold a photo identification … Read more RMLV/Approved Manager – confusion remains!